The Gilda Max Savoya Park gym was opened in September 2011, which is located a the gate to Budafok, in the side wing of the Savoya Park Shopping Centre.
With its 2400 m2 it is one of Budapest's largest movement and exercise centres, which also includes a unique, nearly 400 m2 play house.

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In the Gilda Max Savoya fitness complex guests can do their sport of choice in 6 gyms, which are fitted out with the most up to date equipment and machines. Among our gyms this is the only place where you can find one of the trendiest exercise types you can do today, which is nothing else than CrossFusion.

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This craze started out from America and has become very popular in Hungary too.
Parking is free and you can get to the gym easily by public transport.

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Body gym – strength and condi machines, running machines, elliptical trainers, step platforms, personal training
Aerobics gym – fat burning and figure shaping, kangoo, step, dance, hot iron, yoga, children's fitness and rhythmic gymnastics, cross training
Body & mind gym – trx, circle training, children's fitness and kangoo, port de bras
Spinning gym – spinning, spin racing
Boxing gym – boxing, sack circle training, glove training
CrossCamp gym – CrossFusion, trx, trx total body, functional training, circle training
Play house – birthday room, air castle, bouncy castle, adventure park, video games

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Hairdresser, beautician, nail salon
Ecker Salon +36 30 919-8851

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1117 Budapest,
Hunyadi János út 19.
Telephone: +36 1 950 9505
Movement hotline: +36 1 883 88 88

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