The Gilda Max River Estates gym is located in the busy business quarter of Angyalföld, in the River Estates office building built on the corner of Váci út and Huba utca.
Our gym open day and night offers numerous forms of exercise not just for the young and middle aged, but for senior visitors too. Beside our gym equipment and machines suitable for getting all muscle groups moving, we have various kinds of aerobics class for those wishing for exercise, these classes are taught under the professional guidance of Alexandra Béres.

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Our highly qualified and experienced personal trainer team helps our guests do their training in a friendly, family environment.
Our hospitable, sport-loving, good-natured reception team is ready to greet both our old and new guests.
We provide 3 hours of free parking for our guests in the car park located at Angyalföldi út 21.

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Body gym- strength and condition machines, cardio machines, personal training
Aerobics gym- fat burning and figure shaping, pilates, hot iron, cross training, slim training, deep work, boxing, fit boxing, iron boxing, condi, senior exercise classes, spine exercise class, dynamic yoga, salsa fitness

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Functional gym- trx, bootcamp, sack circular training
Small gym- spinning, spinracing, salsa fitness, spine yoga, spine exercise class, gilda shape, cross training

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Salt therapy cabin
Sauna, the use of which is included in the prices of the tickets and passes.
Massage (sport, relaxation, cellulitis, facial, sole),
registration: 06/1-707-0122
Patrícia Bitter 06-20-956-6443
Sissi Speradiel on telephone number 06-20-805-4694 every day

Mihály Felek +36-20/258-5220
Manicure-pedicure-nail salon,
registration: Edina Kosztik +36 30 695 13 51
Anikó Jáni 06/20-9292-677
Mónika Tóth: 06/20-222-1103
Ivett Horváthné Rozman 06/30374-6454
Further information:
Solarium (with standard EU-III tubes),
registration: József Juhász +36 30 211 7635, Dóra Czibere +36 30 275 4181

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1134 Budapest, váci út 35.
Telephone: +36 1 707 0122
Movement hotline: +36 1 883 88 88



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