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Abdomen - Legs – Bottom:

A class type set up to shape the critical body parts. You can do the exercises using various pieces of equipment, and you can even do them without as well. In general you work with large repetition numbers and small weights, in this way your muscles become firmer. The class is easy to follow and so can even be recommended for beginners.

Aero – kickboxing, fit boxing:

The martial art-type classes are very popular, as they are great at forming your upper and lower body, increase stamina and have a stress-relief effect as well. During the class you learn striking and kicking combinations, but it also involves strengthening exercises that affect your entire body. Classes of this type may also be recommended for men as well.

Bike with Baby:

BikeWithBaby is a programme for pregnant mothers and for those with small babies or children in which while the mother moves her baby can remain undisturbed even on her back. We could describe the advantages of close physical contact at length, but all we want to say here is that it helps with bonding, the baby will be calmer and through this the "result" will be a calmer mother.


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Body art:

The new form of exercise aims at achieving harmony between body and mind. Its exercises are primarily based on the yoga positions (asana), which are supplemented with various stretching techniques, and also takes elements from physiotherapy and the Japanese Do-In. A special breathing technique plays an important role during the class, in this way creating a unique combination of movement and relaxation.

Bootcamp, crosscamp:

Not a traditional aerobic class, it is more like a training method. These classes feature a large number of own bodyweight exercises, and it even includes a person’s fundamental forms of movement, pulling and pushing movements, jumps and leaps. Those taking part work to a set time and usually carry out the tasks in small groups. It's a hard form of training, but it is also recommended for beginners as it is not a repetition-based form of training but time-based and allows beginners to work at their own, possibly slower tempo!

Child fitness:

Child fitness is a comprehensive form of exercise. It combines elements of rhythmic gymnastics with gymnastics, acrobatics and dance.

It can be taught even at the age of 4 years. After learning the basics, the children are taught elements of dance and acrobatics. Then the children learn show dancing and fitness choreographies performed to music in the classes.


Circular training:

A perfect type of training class in order to get into a good condition or even to lose weight. By varying the intensity, the duration, the rest time and the exercises themselves it can be adjusted to your individual training objective. People at various levels of fitness can join the class.


A strengthening training method that improves fitness level. The strengthening exercises may be combined with more intensive sections during the class. The aim is to get your entire body working, for which you use all sorts of equipment. Recommended for everyone who wants to improve their fitness level.

Cross training:

Functional training. The training programme consists of various types of exercise which you carry out at set stations, with set intensity, number of reps, duration and rest time in small groups. It is not a typical aerobic class, because the exercises are not done to the rhythm of the music, instead everyone does them at their own tempo which always depends on your performance level that day.


Harmony of body and mind. Beside ensuring a perfect feeling of well-being in your everyday busy life, it has a good effect on your body as well. It also helps increase the stretching ability and performance of your muscles. It targets the deeper muscle groups, which are very important from the aspect of health. It increases the flexibility of the joints and increases your metabolism. It trains your veins and improves circulation. It increases your breathing capacity and ensures the efficient, systemised operation of the breathing muscles.

Dynamic yoga:

Yoga is peace and calmness from which your life will change...

During a dynamic yoga class you use the exercises of classical yoga, creating sets of exercises from them and then we put the dynamics into it. Yoga is the oldest movement system in the world and has innumerable beneficial effects:

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Power yoga:

A type of yoga based on the asanas of the classical hatha yoga. This method is a combination of strength, concentration, stamina and a controlled breathing technique. It is much more like a sport than a series of meditation exercises. The exercises improve blood circulation, increase the rate of fat burning, detoxify the body and gently stretch the muscles. Recommended for everyone who longs for relief from stress, balance and peace.

Figure forming:

Choose this training class if you want to firm up and shape your existing musculature. You can use all sorts of equipment during the classes (e.g. weights, rubber rope, body ball, step platform), so that you thoroughly move your body’s main muscle groups. The structure of the classes may vary, depending on the trainer. You generally work with large repetition numbers and small weights. It’s a very effective and easy-to-follow class.


Fit-boxing is a well-structured type of class that includes interval training and burns fat and improves stamina.

It is built up of punches and kicks and combinations of these, mainly aimed at a sack but into the air as well.

It is an atmospheric class with a stress-relief effect and was developed by 1st dan kickboxing master Gyula Wekerle.

Functional Training Plus:

A preventive, functional class where great emphasis is placed on strengthening the core muscles, on appropriate mobility of the joints and on developing stability. Beside all this, the objective is development of balance, stamina and strength, for which you use the best systems and equipment (TRX, Ultimate Sandbag, Kettlebell, rubber ropes, unstable surfaces, Trigger Point rollers) and naturally own bodyweight exercises. The classes are varied and enjoyable. A precondition of taking the classes is good knowledge of the basic TRX exercises. Advance reservation is required for this type of class.

Hot Iron 1:

The hot iron system beginner class. It involves strength and stamina training during which you learn the basic exercises. During the class you follow a strict training plan, so in just 8-10 weeks you can achieve spectacular development. Besides losing fat, your muscles become firmer due to the effect of the exercises that put your entire body to work.

Hot Iron 2:

The iron system intermediate training plan, only recommended for those who have completed hot iron 1. So that your body does not get accustomed to the burden and so that development remains continual, the exercises have to be made more difficult. In this session type the exercises you learnt in hot iron 1 are combined with new exercises.

Hot Iron Cross:

The advanced, most difficult iron system class type. Only recommended for guests who have completed both hot iron 1 and 2. It is a great muscle-forming training class, which differs from hot iron 1 and 2 in that the weights used are greater and the number of repetitions lower. Expressly recommended for men, but women will not be TOO muscular from it either!

Iron boxing:

A strength and stamina class type that uses up high numbers of calories; a perfect class type for reducing bodyweight, and initiating stagnating weight-loss. It mixes the basic techniques of boxing (the punches) with sections including strengthening and figure-shaping elements.


A type of class for improving stamina, during which you get your entire body working. The effectiveness of interval training lies in the fluctuating loads. The higher loads are followed by a less intensive phase, so due to the “rest phases” over all you can work more under greater loads. Recommended for everyone who wants to lose weight and who wishes to improve their stamina.


The most cheerful of classes and due to its entertaining nature it is also a very effective fat-burner. You jump in special spring soled shoes that make it possible to perform high-intensity movements while protecting your joints at the same time. As the shoes were originally developed for rehabilitation purposes, even those of our guests can bravely jump up and down who struggle with locomotor conditions. During the class you learn a simple choreography and wind up your metabolism with more intensive jumps.

Mother and baby exercise class:

Postnatal exercise class recommended for mothers and babies (from 4 to 12 months old). It helps you regain your original weight and your baby has a good time while you do the exercises. Smaller babies are funnily used as weights and those that can already crawl are kept busy during the class with games and chants.


A training class that get your entire body moving and forms firm musculature while stretching it at the same time. The method strengthens the strength centre (deep muscles) then strengthens your muscles from inside outwards. It increases joint agility and helps establish muscle consciousness. It involves slow, concentrated movement, while a correct breathing technique plays a great role.

Por de Brass:

The dance of body and mind. A mixture of dance, ballet, strength and flexibility in the scope of a conditioning training class. Port De Bras is a type of class that forms a bridge between those who enjoy pilates, dancing, ballet and fitness aerobics. It is a form of exercise that combines dance, ballet, stretching and strengthening, figure-forming training.

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Pregnancy exercise class:

An exercise class developed for pregnant mothers that moves your whole body, which closes with relaxation that is important for both the baby and the mother. It helps you keep in good condition during your pregnancy and through the relaxation it deepens the mother-foetus connection.

Senior exercise class:

A special fitness improving exercise class primarily developed for the over 50s which helps you retain your fitness and agility and helps prevent osteoporosis.


A form of exercise carried out in a room heated to 40 ºC. While you are enjoying the beneficial effects of an infra-sauna, you shape your figure, lose weight, detoxify yourself and develop your sense of valance and coordination. From class to class you can feel your flexibility improving, you feel less stressed and you have better self-control. It also has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and all this happens in just one hour.

Slim training:

A fat-burning effect class during which you also carry our intensive strengthening exercises. During the class you put your entire body to work, using all kinds of equipment. Recommended for those who want to lose weight and for those who want to improve their fitness level.

Spine training:

During the class you stretch and strengthen the muscle groups responsible for body posture. We get your back and abdomen muscles working and concentrate on the development and stretching of the shoulder girdle muscles. Recommended for those who have jobs that involve a lot of sitting, those with painful backs and as a form of prevention as well.


You can even go cycling when you come to the gym, and you can even experience an uphill climb during our cycling classes. On our special cycles you can adjust the resistance in accordance with your own level of fitness. It is a great class for improving stamina and is even recommended for our male guests. The Spinning® programme is a standardised, group indoor cycling training class led by a trainer and done to music. It was created by the world famous American competition cyclist Johnny G. Spinning® has been continuously developed over the past years and has become a well-operating, unified system. It is one of the best structured physical and mental training programmes of today.


This is an effective, group cycling, and aerobic training programme done to music that conditions your entire body. During the classes apart from your lower body, your upper body is also put to continuous work as the bike includes arm exercise extensions which make the classes more varied. We pay special attention to following the beat of the music and we even use a simple, easy-to-follow choreography. While training the beat of the music changes continuously (with slow, medium and fast beat music), with which the cyclist can experience riding on the flat up uphill.

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During the class your learn a choreography on the step platform. The movements gradually build on one another, so by the end of the class everyone learns the step series taught by the trainer. Due to its dance and entertaining character it is a very popular class, which also has a fat-burning.

Step + strengthening:

This class differs from the traditional step class in that the choreography you learn is not repeated throughout the entire class, instead we leave time for strengthening exercises during and at the end of the class as well.


A functional training method. During the class you work with the help of straps suspended to a frame, which can make the given exercise easier or more difficult. As the strap suspension is not stable, while doing the exercises it makes those muscles work that are not affected so much by traditional exercises. TRX is especially good at strengthening your body-support muscles. It is recommended for everyone as due to it being a small group class the trainer is able to concentrate on all the participants individually. It is an especially good cross-training method for sportsmen and women.

Weight control:

A special fat-burning type of training class developed by Alexandra Béres, which gets your whole body moving. This easy-to-follow class type built on gymnastic elements gets your muscles working and involves an intermediate amount of intensity and a high number of repetitions. During the class special attention is paid to the spine support muscles, the deep muscles and the intimate muscles. It has a posture-improving, fat-burning and muscle-toning effect, and is coupled with varied, continuous input from the trainer.


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