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allee 001 gym

The Gilda Max Allee gym is located on the 3rd floor of the Allee shopping centre, which features an exclusive interior design and a bright environment swimming in light.

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 river 001 gym

The Gilda Max River Estates gym is located in the busy business quarter of Angyalföld, in the River Estates office building built on the corner of Váci út and Huba utca.

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hermina 001 gym

The Gilda Max Hermina gym, a real citadel of fitness and peacetime training gym, may be found in the Hermina Towers office building built on Budapest's busiest circular road, on the corner of the City Park.

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florian 001 gym

One of the oldest and the largest gym in the Gilda Max Fitness network, you could say the Gilda Max Flórián is its flagship, which is located in Óbuda in the Flórián Business Centre.

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savoya 001 gym

The Gilda Max Savoya Park gym was opened in September 2011, which is located a the gate to Budafok, in the side wing of the Savoya Park Shopping Centre.

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