The Gilda Max Hermina gym, a real citadel of fitness and peacetime training gym, may be found in the Hermina Towers office building built on Budapest's busiest circular road, on the corner of the City Park.

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The interior design of the gym can be said to be classical in the sense that the training gym, fitness functions and the practical objectives supporting exercise determine the design of the individual gym rooms and building parts. There is no extravagance, at the same time, in all their details, the spaces are characterised by space being used in the interest of serving the demand for maximum movement.

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The regular guests are a real community, they know and help one another, they stick to serious training regimes and are glad to take part in smaller and larger Hungarian competitions, like, for example, bench pressing, leg pressing, deadlifting.
With respect to the equipment and machines available, the gym is not behind the standard of today, as recently we received some of the most up to date Hoist brand pieces.
Come and visit us and start training straight away.

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Body gym - strength and conditioning machines, cardio machines, personal training
Aerobics gym – fat burning and figure shaping, kangoo, hot iron, hot iron cross, yoga, pilates, aero kickboxing, interval
Small gym – trx, spin racing, spinning

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Lie-down Solarium – new Sexy Cacao tubes
Henriette Lugovcov
Registration: +36 30 / 429 09 98
Registration: +36 1 / 471 91 99
The use of which is included in the entrance ticket
Hairdresser, 3D eyelash building, makeup artist:
Registration: Gabi Balogh 70/701-7014
Manicure, pedicure, nail salon
Registration: Andrea Tóth-Sági 06/30-200 40 12


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1146 Budapest, Hungária krt. 162-166.
Telephone: +36 1 471 9199
Movement hotline: +36 1 883 88 88


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