One of the oldest and the largest gym in the Gilda Max Fitness network, you could say the Gilda Max Flórián is its flagship, which is located in Óbuda in the Flórián Business Centre.
The Aerobics, Fitness, Cardio and Training gym on the third floor covers a total of more than 2000 m2, while the recently opened Combat Sports centre on the second floor offers sporting opportunities on a further 500 m2.
The Gilda Max Flórián gym is the most comprehensive base in the network, as here you can find all of Gilda Max's more than 40 forms of movement and exercise.

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The Gilda Max Flórián trainer and instructor team teaches traditional training methods and the most modern and up to date trends as well, like, for example, TRX, Bootcamp and even exercises you can perform on a functional frame, the Hoist Motion Cage.
The trainer and instructor team is reinforced with some big names, like Viktória Miló, Zsolt "Madár" Erdei ex-professional boxer, as well as reputable aerobics and fitness trainers including Zita Kempelen, Zsuzsa Nagy and Éva Augusztin.

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Body gym – strength and conditioning machines, functional frame, personal training
Cardio gym – running machines, elliptical trainers, step platforms
Aerobics gym – fat burning and figure shaping, kangoo, step, dance, hot iron, body and mind, body-balls, aero kickboxing, yoga, pilates, zumba, pregnant mother and mother and baby classes, spinning, spin race
Functional gym – trx, kettlebell, sparrowbag, bootcamp, cross training, spartan athletics
Combat sports centre – boxing, sack circle training, martial arts/ k1, kempo, xma
Squash court

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Solarium (with EU tubes)

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Magdolna Schád massage therapist
Registration: +36 30 / 200 4013

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Krisztina Potyondi, male-female and children's hairdresser
Registration: +36 20 / 358 59 92 | ask about our continuous special offers!
Maja male-female and children's hairdresser
Registration: +36 20 / 220 45 22


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1033 Budapest, Florián tér 6.
Telephone: +36 1 240 5638
Movement hotline: +36 1 883 88 88


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